Honda CBR 650

The Honda CBR 650 is a 649cc cc inline four cylinder, fuel injected,16 V sportbike with a counterbalanced engine to keep things smooth. The Honda CBR 650 was engineered from the ground up.

When sitting on the Honda CBR 650 the profile is surprisingly thin and gives the impression that the Honda CBR 650 can be easily flung around and feels lighter than it actually is, the seat height of the Honda CBR 650 gives a low center of gravity for better handling both on road and on track. The aerodynamic bodywork of the Honda CBR650 improves air flow for rider comfort, and allows for a lower drag coefficient, while providing more effective cooling for both the rider and engine.

The fuel tank of the Honda CBR 650 is also thin and provides a good range of movement and control over the bike when entering corners. The Honda CBR 650 has a very relaxed, comfortable feel to it, but can be ridden hard into corners and be aggressive as well. The Honda CBR 650 has a very smooth running engine and has loads of low end power and a smooth top end. The Honda CBR 650 is a bike that can be ridden for commutes to work as well as having fun on the weekends. The powerband of the Honda CBR 650 is very tame and easily controlled, but can also be pushed for faster speeds while feeling confident in the corners. All together the Honda CBR 650 is an all around great bike and one that will have a loyal following for years to come.

Honda CB650F vs CBR650

The Honda CB 650F is the no fairing version of the CBR 650R and has the same engine and power specifications. The ergonomics of the CB 650F differ from the CBR 650R by using handlebars which are a bit higher up for a more relxed ride as opposed to the sporty riding style of the CBR 650 which uses clip ons for handlebars to control the bike. The windshield of the CB650 is also much smaller than the CBR 650 and mainly for looks. The CB650 is a bit lighter thanks to less fairing plastic which makes it a bit more maneuverable in the city. On winding mountain roads both the CB650 and CBR650 are compareable in performance and will boil down to which bike you are most comfortable on.

Honda CB500X vs CBR650

The Honda CB500X is the adventure model in the new 500 lineup by Honda. The CB500X offers a higher ride height and functional windprotection at all speeds thanks to its tall windshield. The seats on the CB500X are also bigger and wider giving a more comfortable ride for long trips. The handlebars on the CB500X are higher than both the CB650F and CBR650 and also a bit wider. The CB500X would be better for bigger riders since the ergonomics are quite suitable for larger framed riders. The suspension is also a bit different and sports a higher travel length since Honda has designated the CB500X to be taken offroad for mild enduro purposes and adventure exploring.

Honda CBR650 Performance

Honda CBR 650 performance modifications include racing Exhaust for the Honda CBR 650, CB 650 F and CB 500X that have been track tested to achieve maximum performance for the entire CBR line. Our exhaust systems for the Honda CBR 650 are high performance racing exhaust that give more power from bottom end, mid range to top end. Made from stainless steel or aluminum. Our performance exhaust for the Honda CBR650 are designed to improve the Horsepower and Torque of your CBR 650. The materials used in our performance exhaust systems withstand high heat and vibration for endurance and longevity, exhaust resonance is greatly reduced giving higher output with a smooth tough sounding exhaust note for your Honda CBR 650.

Riding Gear For the Honda CBR 650

More important than enjoying your new CBR650, CB650F or CB500X is finding the right riding gear that fits you correctly. Not all helmets are created equal! Full face helmets offer the best protection and come in a variety of materials. Some are made of composites such as carbon fiber or kevlar, while others are made of fiberglass or ABS plastics, for an even more enjoyable time on your new CBR 650 a lightweight composite helmet is recommended, it will reduce neck and shoulder fatigue and offer excellent protection and allow you to ride your CBR 650 longer. Check out the video then click the link to take a look at how far helmet technology and design have come over the years.

Ride Your CBR 650 with Safety - Get Protection

Since there will be alot of people choosing the Honda CBR 650 as their first bike, I'd really suggest getting good riding gear to protect yourself while riding your new CBR 650. If I'd known the things I know now I would have saved alot of money when choosing the right gear. For jackets I recommend the REV'IT Ignition 2 Jacket , it's a combination of leather in the impact areas and strong mesh in heat areas to keep you cool. I love this jacket it can be worn in all types of weather thanks to its removeable liners. Its also equiped with CE rated armor to keep you protected from the concrete, and best of all you can wear it when you go out without looking like a power ranger.

Protect Your Knees - Under Your Jeans

Nothing is more debilitating than a knee/leg injury, so protect yourself with knee protection while riding your CBR 650 with knee pads. Knee protection can be worn under clothing and be undetected, if you choose the right kind. Well designed knee protectors should have a sleeve you slip your leg through, do not waste your time with knee protectors that only use velcro straps. Trust me, velcro straps will move out of place upon impact. These Troy Lee KG 5400 Knee Guards are my favorite, and they also offer the longer Troy Lee KG 5450 Knee and Shin Guards for extra shin protection. It's too easy to go riding without protection, so the more comfortable and undetected your gear is, the more likely you are to use it. ;)

Honda CBR 650 Performance Accessories - Air Filters

High Performance Air Filters designed for the Honda CBR 650, CB 650F & CB 500X are unique unlike any other air filter on the market for true performance. Our High Performance Honda CBR650 racing air filters utilize 3 layers of filtration in an open matrix design. The filtration volume of our performance air filters have up to 10 times the filtration area of any other brand. Our Patent Pending design allows maximum airflow for the Honda CBR650 without using restriction robbing compressed elements. Air passes through at a higher rate, but at the same time filters particulate matter by extending the length of time air contacts the matrix resulting in better airflow performance.

Honda CBR 650 Electronic Accessories & Performance ECU Parts

An Aftermarket Racing ECU for the Honda CBR 650 lineup has been designed to create more power by adjusting the igntion curves and fuel graphs. Our performance ECU 's for the Honda CBR 650 and can be set and stored within a matter of minutes to adjust for different altitudes compensating for differences in elevation, fuels or road conditions. Our performance ECU's will fine tune your Honda CBR 650 for awesome track performance, when installing a Honda CBR 650 aftermarket exhaust system it is highly recommended to also tune the ECU to gain maximum performance increases. Our High Performance Aftermarket Racing Modifications Unleash the True Potential of the CBR650 and CB 650 motorcycles.

Honda CB 500X Accessories